Tesla Model X: Road Trip With My Son


Today I took my oldest son on a road trip to Tesla. This time not the Fremont, CA factory but the Dusseldorf, Germany services station. We got invited to see the real Model X after ordering it many many moons ago. Since he had to stay home from school anyway, I took him on the trip.

The Model X is great and I might share more one day, but what was the coolest part of the day was the actual trip! Spending hours of time with my boy talking about cars, politics, music and playing silly games was just incredible.

On the surface the whole trip was about 10 hours of which we spent maybe an hour with Tesla. The rest was driving, coffees, lunch and small breaks to charge our Tesla Model S.

But deeper down it was more. It was enough time to sit silent for a while to allow us to open up. It was enough time to let a debate go long enough to reach some meaningful understanding of each viewpoint. It was enough time to listen to a song as many times as it takes to share why it is causing goosebumps.

What started as an opportunity to see the hottest car in the market, ended up as a wonderful family moment.

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