Zero to forty-nine

In July I crossed the thirty books markin my quest to read more. Now, almost at the end of the year, I am at forty-eight and likely starting forty-nine before the year turns. I went from zero books to almost fifty in one year.

That is not to brag about an achievement, but actually admitting the lack it. I should have started at least 20 years earlier. The number of mistakes and bad decisions I could have avoided are countless. Just going through the stories of so many characters – fiction and real – helps to put things in perspective. Just reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming, while seeing the US reputation going down the drain, makes the memories of Fantasylandso real.

Not sure what to read? If you like victories and big emotions, go for The Boys in the Boat. Want to become healthier? Why We Sleepis the ultimate starting point. Prefer some sci-fi? John Scalzi never disappoints.Lock inis a view into our near future. Plus, if you like that, the author has written so much, you can dive right in to the Old Man’s Warseries.

What are the books you like? Share your goodreads list, please.

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